Jeff and I have confirmed that there will be no Big 12 referees at The Thirsty Lion – Tigard this Saturday at 9:00 am when we take on the Fighting Pee-Wee Hermans of Texas! Therefore we will incur no penalties on behalf of the team as we regularly and enthusiastically throw the Horns Down during the game!

This rivalry has been a big one for us over the years but we have stayed in the match with a total of 47 wins to their 62. There are 5 ties in there but who’s counting.

We are favored in the contest by 10.5 points but as we all know, Texas is out for blood when they arrive in Dallas for the game. They have no better opponent than us and they know it.

It promises to be a game for the ages since we both come into the game as ranked teams. So come one and all to enjoy the brunch food, great camaraderie and what we hope will be another notch in our belts.

Cant wait to see everybody there on Saturday!


10205 SW Washington Square Rd, Tigard, OR 97223